Dr. Dan Stock Speaking At Hoosiers Against Mandates

Dr. Dan Stock Speaking At Hoosiers Against Mandates

Dr. Dan Stock spoke at the Hoosiers Against Mandates Rally September 28, 2021. The rally was at the Indiana State House.

Dr. Stock gained fame when a video of him speaking to the Mt Vernon, Indiana school board went viral.

The video was shot with an old camera at a distance, however the audio portion is good.

There are some really good nuggets in this speech.

Dr. Stock reveals who your doctor actually works for, and how something called Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) have changed the doctor patient relationship making your doctor a indentured servant.

Any doctor that belongs to one of these ACOs risk being fired for not towing the government line, and if they are fired, cannot practice medicine within 50 miles or more due to non-compete clauses. To see a copy of an ACO agreement, visit PureHealthMed.com

Dr. Stock recommends two courses of action to change the system:

1. Fire your doctor and hire a direct care physician

2. Have a constitutional convention to introduce amendments to make lobbying and other practices illegal.

We disagree with Dr Stock on a Constitutional Convention (Con Con). For a second opinion and to learn the dangers of a Con Con, CLICK HERE